Understanding Medicare can be confusing at times, but Essential Solutions is here to walk you through the winding maze. We want you to be an educated consumer so that you can make the absolute best decisions regarding your health care.

What is Medicare?

In order to understand what Medicare is we need to go back to the year 1965, when Congress enacted Medicare under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act.

The Medicare program was aligned to provide health insurance to people age 65 and older, regardless of income or medical history. It was created in response to an overwhelming dilemma where people over the age of 65 found it virtually impossible to get private health insurance coverage. The solution proved successful when more Americans improved their own health and enjoyed longer longevity.

After its initial inception, Medicare has changed in many ways and changes continue on into the future as well. From the different Medicare Parts, to the inner workings of the types of plans that correspond with Medicare, Essential Solutions will smooth out the twists and turns of the ever evolving Medicare maze.


Medicare Coverages & Costs

Learn about what Medicare Parts A, B, C & D will do for you.

Medicare & Medicaid Working Together

Understand how Medicare and Medicaid can work together to provide a higher quality of health insurance for you.

Medicare Eligibility

Review the different Eligibility Periods for Medicare and how they might apply to you.

Medicare Enrollment Periods

In order for Medicare to accept your enrollment into your desired plan, the enrollment period is essential.

What Medicare Doesn’t Cover

Understand what Medicare doesn’t cover so that you can plan for these out of pocket costs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Learn about Medicare Supplement plans (also known as Medicare Gap plans) and why the coverage is so important.

Get Help Paying for Medicare

Online access for Medicaid applications.